Multicultural Hour

Our Mission: To improve understanding and promote better relationships among different cultures!
Multicultural Hour (MCH) at the University of Missouri is a weekly informal, round-table discussion where international students and visiting scholars are invited to interact with American friends in a casual atmosphere.

This program is sponsored by the Asian Affairs Center, the International Center, Brookside Properties, the Graduate Professional Council, and  Brian Hazelrigg and Stephanie Wilmsmeyer, State Farm Insurance agents.

This program is sponsored by the Asian Affairs Center, the International Center, Brookside Properties, the Graduate Professional Council, and  Brian Hazelrigg and Stephanie Wilmsmeyer, State Farm Insurance agents.

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Joey Clemons

"I have a great time attending this event every year! Each year more and more people attend, and each year we need more and more pumpkins. The pumpkin carving event is one of the most popular events. The idea is to give international people in the community an experience that most Americans have growing up, a chance to carve/decorate a pumpkin. Everyone really loves digging in and getting their hands dirty, and it's great to see all the different designs and ideas that people come up with. This is also a great team-building event, as everyone has a partner or two helping carve the pumpkin. We have people from all over the world attend these events, and this year we had a group of professors from China (Chongqing University) visiting that got to partake in the festivities."

Yijie Sun

"I have been attending the multicultural hour for one semester which left me a deep impression. It is a really awesome activity, helping me have a better understanding on divergent culture, meeting new friends and practicing my English. Therefore, this activity has become one of what I am expecting for every week. However, there is no activity during the winter vacation which enables me to feel a little bit sad in this period. and I strongly recommend that all of you can join us to have the unforgettable time in the coming semester."
- Yijie, Sun - China, Undergraduate, Agribusiness Management 2013, MU -

Wit Ri

"It's an amazing one hour that enables you to see the world through different lenses at a time. We ask questions and share our experiences. I had a great time learning bits of various customs, which sometimes were surprisingly similar to what I have in my own country! Listening to real people talking about their customs is definitely a different experience than reading about it. And I also had a chance to make friends with people from different nations!"
- Wit Ri—Indonesia -

Iddisah Sulemana

"As an open-minded, cosmopolitan person interested in learning other cultures from across the globe, I wanted a place to meet diverse people. MCH is that one-stop platform that gave me this opportunity, allowing me to take a few moments off my tight semester schedule to meet and interact with people from different backgrounds."
- Iddisah Sulemana—Ghana, Doctorate, Economics 2015, MU -

Yuxiang Shen

"I can't not totally remember the first time I joined the MCH, but I one thing I could confirm is I enjoy a lot of pizza there. After I take part in this activity for several times, I came to realize that MCH become my regular activity in every Tuesday. In MCH, I know Nilotpal Sanya who came from Indian, and he always shares his fantastic trip in America; American friend Brian, we know each other since first time we joined the MCH. He is outgoing person and has strong interested in Chinese Cultural, both of us talk until the end of activity. Moreover, the most excited thing is crave pumpkin before Thanksgiving Day. With American friend Andrew helps, my first little pumpkin ghost was born. Delicious food, fun people, interesting topic, and excellent change to improve English speaking skills, which is all the MCH can supply."
- Yuxiang Shen—China, Master, IT 2012, MU -

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Is there a cost to attend?
A: No. All of our events are completely free! There are also snacks, coffee and tea provided.

Q: Who can attend the events?

A: Everybody. International and domestic students, faculty, family members and even the public. Graduate students are strongly encouraged.

Q: Can I attend on the spur of the moment?

A: Sure. Just come when you can. Stop by, get some refreshments and leave when you need to.

Q: Why should I attend?

A: You will make friends through our events. Our goal is to create a relaxing and casual atmosphere for you to learn about other countries and cultures. You will also get a chance to practice your English skills. The most amazing thing is that there is no burden on your part—just listen and enjoy the many voices of Mizzou.

Q: What do you do during the Multicultural Hour?
A: In the upcoming weeks, we will recognize and discuss cultural differences, traditional festivals, interesting stories and social customs from around the world.

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