Other opportunities

Special Events
Your family might enjoy joining other American and Asian families in special events coordinated by various groups on campus or around Columbia. Activities range from potluck suppers to swimming at a lake or roller-skating. Events are designed to encourage conversations between people from different cultures.

Business/Agency/Factory/Farm Tours
The international participants come from very different backgrounds and they have diverse interests. Some are mid-life career individuals while others are upper level college students. Would you speak to an individual or small group about your job or business? Perhaps they could benefit from a visit to the factory, farm, business or agency where you work.

Cooking Classes
Some of the Chinese and Koreans enjoy cooking and would like to share their recipes and techniques with American cooks. In return, they are very interested in learning some genuine American cooking during their time in the States. Cooking/sharing classes bring these cooks from different continents together to share an interest making delicious food.

Student Mentors
College students or young professionals are needed to take college students to clubs or activities of interests to this age group. Volunteering as mentors may lead to paid coordinator work.

Share your hobby, avocation or unique knowledge with international visitors. A speaker's bureau is being established to link speakers with Asian audiences interested in specific topics.

Job Shadowing
Many students are interested in spending a day with someone working in their major field. Would you allow someone to shadow you during a workday?

Hosting Group Parties
Could you accommodate a group of people who gather to watch a movie or sports events on TV or to play games? Creating social opportunities for Asians and Americans to interact is important.

Would you be willing to help recruit undergraduates interested in participating in the programs of the Asian Affairs Center? Could you volunteer help in preparing mailings, speaking to groups, making calls, or participating in an advisory committee. Support and outreach for this program is needed.

Shopping Friends
Would you like to let international families and individuals know the best shopping spots? Would you take someone with you to an auction or garage sale? You could share your shopping tips and information with our international visitors.

There are several pre-requisites that you might need to fulfill in order to participate in some of the aforementioned programs. To find out more about each of the programs, please click on the links above or contact us and we will be happy to supplement you with more information.

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