Comments from Previous Hosts

Do you think that your intern's personality, knowledge, background, and interests were a good match for your worksite? Why or why not?

"Yes, it was a good match... It was clear that she liked to learn, liked challenges, and her happy personality was enjoyed by everyone in the office, even those with whom she did not have task-related contact."

-Judy Todd, Nonresident Alien Taxation Office, MU

"Yes, our intern was very interested in the students' English learning and language improvement. Her open-minded and positive attitude created a strong bond between the students and herself."

-Jinju Lee, ELL Instructor

What was the most rewarding moment working with your intern?

"The joy of learning about the student's home and country. Being able to engage a young person as they broaden their skills is very enjoyable"

-June Gibson, Office of the Vice Provost for International Programs, MU

"It is so cool to see the intern grow not only in learning their job but in their communication skills and understanding/experiencing the American culture. We shared so many stories about our lives and comparing our outside work activities.

-Sarah Lee, Mizzou Rec Complex

"The most rewarding experience was when Olive conducted her first transaction solo. She was so proud and showed the receipt to everyone!"

-Laura Royse, Tigers Credit Union

Would you recommend your colleagues to host an international student intern?

"Absolutely. These are wonderful young people who are eager and willing to learn new things. They want to contribute to your office and interact with you and your staff. They are so grateful that you are taking the time to work with them and giving them this opportunity."

-Becky Brandt, International Admissions Office, MU

"Absolutely yes. For starters, I felt it was a great learning experience for both myself and my intern, and I would bet most students and supervisors feel the same way. 'Creating community' is our Parks Department motto, and working with international students is a great way to connect with a part of the Columbia community we might otherwise miss."

-Brett O'Brien, Columbia Park Natural Resource Supervisor

"Definitely. It was a great experience getting to know another culture and really helped with the workload as well."

-Cyndi Lemmon, 4-H Center for Youth Development, MU Extension

"Absolutely, and I have! The organization of the program is top-notch, and so are the students. In my field, it is especially helpful to share cultural information. This has assisted me both in the classroom and in life. It is an enriching experience for the interns AND their supervisors. I feel fortunate to have been a part of this program for years and I hope to have placements in the future.

-Carla Hurtado, ELL teacher, Columbia Public Schools