English Language and American Immersion

The objective of the ELAI program is to provide students with a once-in-a-lifetime adventure into American culture and language through interaction with native English speakers, cultural field trips and intensive professional communication classes. ELAI is designed to improve students' cultural knowledge, and speaking and listening confidence in real-life situations. Participants have the opportunity to explore language in real-life situations and absorb American culture by interacting with instructors and American friends. The program integrates intensive academic communication classes and cultural experiences through field trips and planned activities.

ELAI consists of four components:
1. American Cultural Experience with American Ambassadors

  • Cultural Awareness Trips
    These trips are designed to develop cultural awareness and extend students' background knowledge about Missouri by visiting educational and historical sites which can represent Missouri states.

  • American Immersion Trips
    These trips are intended to get students immersed in American culture by visiting recreational sites with American college aged friends. Students have chances to put themselves in a new life in America. They watch typical American sports and learn new sports culture as well.

2. Intensive Professional Communication Classes

Classes provide students with a variety of speaking, writing, reading and listening situations. The classes emphasize speaking and presentation skills. They are designed to be interactive, challenging and fun. It is a good opportunity for students to experience "real" American classroom environments where students can build good rapports and relationships with teachers and peers. The activities are focused on increasing speaking confidence and communication skills. The classes are designed to create a "safe" environment for English practice, build leadership skills and to focus on group cohesiveness.

3. Professional Seminars

Students attend professional seminars to understand more about history, culture, and the educational system in America. Field Trip preparation seminars give students more background knowledge and a better context for the field trips.

4. Special Project

Students participate in a Professional Communication Project in which they conduct in-depth interviews of native English speakers and develop a written and oral report of their findings.