Leadership through English Advancement & Development (LEAD)

The LEAD program is a 16 week program that provides participants with a once-in-a-lifetime immersion into American culture, workplace, language and American university life. The program is designed for the “LEADers” to develop global leadership, to improve their attitude toward speaking English in a variety of academic and professional settings and to build confidence and competence. LEADers will experience “real life” communication situations in an environment where they build a good rapport and relationship with teachers, peers and mentors. The program aims to increase U.S cultural knowledge, provide experience in an America workplace, boost speaking confidence, and enhance essential writing and English language skills in a dynamic, lively setting.

LEAD consists of four main components:

Intensive English Courses

LEADers will take sixteen weeks of various courses aimed to increase their confidence, English speaking ability, and understanding of American culture. These courses include:

  • Professional Communication Course
  • Academic Writing
  • Global Leadership Development
  • Trends and Culture in American

The courses are designed to be interactive, challenging and fun. Curricula focus on professional presentations, group discussions, interview projects, and written assignments. Our aim is to create a safe environment for language learning and to build group cohesiveness and leadership skills.

Professional Practicum

The Professional Practicum provides LEADers with an 6 week experience at a local business. This gives participants a better understanding of the ways that people work together in America. It is intended to enhance not only the LEADers’ skills for a particular major, job, or career, but also social skills which are essential for working with people from various cultural, environmental and language backgrounds.

American Cultural Experiences

Experiencing American Culture first hand is an important aspect of all AAC programs. These experiences can be as simple as checking out the stars at the campus observatory with friends or as exciting as visiting Kansas City for the day. Most trips are planned by the coordinator and done as a group, but there are other events available to those who want to make the most out of their experience. Examples of trips include, but are not limited to, a wide variety of activities: visiting the Gateway Arch, the St. Louis Zoo, the Nelson-Atkins Art Museum, a dairy farm tour, attending a University basketball game and ice skating at the Crown Center. LEAD participants will also have the opportunity to participate in various community events and activities.

American Ambassadors

American ambassadors are what truly bring the program together, making it a valuable experience. These American college students come from a variety of backgrounds and are integrated into the program in a variety of ways. From attending scheduled field trips and participating in occasional classes to spending time with program participants in unofficial capacities like playing basketball at the Recreation Center, having meaningful relationships with American friends is the heart of the program.

Amanda Carr
Phone: (573) 882-5655
Email: carram@missouri.edu