Global Leadership Program

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The Global Leadership Program is a 12-month training program at the University of Missouri aimed at training Asian government officials and professionals in American government and business, American culture and the English language. Trainees participate in government internships, language and culture courses, industry and government field trips, cultural outings, lectures, and consultations with experts. They experience informal social interaction as well as formal interaction in business and government settings to develop a better understanding of the United States and American culture.

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Program Highlights:
I. Global Leadership Seminar (Bi-weekly):

• Guest speakers present current issues and topics related to global leadership so that all participants enhance and improve their awareness around the globe.

II. Professional Site Visits to Public and Private Organizations (Biweekly):

• Missouri State Offices in Jefferson City, Missouri • Quality of Life: City of Columbia

• Metropolitan Areas: St. Louis City and Kansas City Government

• Tourism: City of Branson

• City Revitalization Project: City of Springfield, St. Louis, Kansas City

• Balanced Regional Development: City of Sedalia, City of Fulton

• Multi-National Corporations: Boeing, Annheusier-Busch, Harley-Davidson

• BT, IT, NT Industry: Monsanto, Black and Veach, Research Park

III. English Proficiency and American Culture (EPAC) Program

• Professional English (7 Weeks, M-Th: 9AM- Noon, 3 hours per course): All participants will improve their communication skills in writing and speaking as this EPAC classes are focused on professional presentation, business correspondence, and colloquial English.

• Topics Course in American Government and Society (7 Weeks, M-Th: 9AM – Noon, 3 hours per course): Each participant is required to take more than four topics courses, which are related to American Government, Business, Society, and Culture. Topics courses will help the participants improve their understanding of American administration and society.

IV. Research Projects and University Auditing

1. Research Committee: Research Advisors and Assistants

2. Presentation at a major conference

3. Present to a journal in the related field o Each participant takes university courses related to their research topics. MITI will help the participant sit in those classes by contacting professors. The participants are required to sit in throughout the semester although they are not required to take the exams or write papers.

V. Internship at Missouri State Offices (High level of English Proficiency Required)

VI. Accent Modification Program (In association with Dept of Communication Science and Disorder)

VII. American Family Friendship Program

• International families come to Columbia with the goals of meeting Americans and developing a better understanding of their culture. This is often difficult and it is estimated that 70% of the international visitors never see the inside of an American home. This program is designed to encourage Asian and American families to meet at least twice each month. One of these meetings may be at a monthly event organized by the Asian Affairs Center. The second meeting might be supper in your home, a trip to a local festival, or sledding at Stephens Park. The Family Friendship Exchange program provides an excellent opportunity to “build global friendships one family at a time.

VIII. Conversation Partner Program

• The purpose of the Conversation Partners Program is to pair visiting students, scholars, journalists and government officials with native English speakers. Through one-to-one discussions, the English speaking partner helps the international partner learn about American culture and the English language, while the international partner teaches the American partner about his/her culture. In the classroom environment, one can only learn so much English. This program is designed to enhance the other component of learning: practical application.