For Educators

The Missouri International Training Institute (MITI) is pleased to join with the University of Missouri's College of Education to offer special programs for foreign educators and education officials. While each program is tailored to fit the needs of a particular client group, and each program depends on the length of time allowed for training, our goal is to provide a greater understanding of the workings of the American public education system and to show how U.S. educators approach key challenges related to teaching, learning and school management.
While our training includes presentations by faculty at the College of Education that explain the latest U.S. approaches to issues, we encourage the open sharing of information to maximize joint problem solving. Our hope is that training will lead to continued contacts and the opportunity for future exchanges.
In addition to a comprehensive overview of the American system and universal issues related to teaching and learning, we are able to offer training in a broad range of more specialized issues. These include, but are not limited to, the following:
• Teacher training
• Professional enrichment of working teachers
• The role of the school principal as educational leader
• Developing better guidance for students' academic and career planning
• Learning assessment
• Information technology
The training received at the University of Missouri College of Education will include an opportunity to view the College' s new "Distance Learning Reflector" and to see how it is used to enhance student training. Clients will also make site visits to local elementary and high schools in Missouri, where they can visit classes and view related school activities. These visits will also afford an opportunity to talk with American teachers and school managers about a range of issues, including how U.S. schools encourage creative thinking and problem solving, second language acquisition, and the use of technology.
The American school year runs from the middle of August through the beginning of June every year, with specific dates set each year. It is advisable for groups to plan their trips during the school year to allow clients to see American schools in session.