For Government Administrators

The Missouri International Training Institute (MITI) is pleased to offer a special program for foreign government administrators through the University of Missouri Harry S. Truman School of Public Affairs.

The Public Administration Leadership Program is designed to enhance the leadership skills of government administrators and to help them prepare for the opportunities and challenges of the 21st Century. While an in-depth Leadership Program requires a fairly extended period of training, we have developed a special one-week training program in which University of Missouri faculty and Missouri Government practitioners offer presentations and field trips that illuminate key issues faced by US government and corporate leaders. In addition to a comprehensive overview of the American system and universal issues related to teaching and learning, we are able to offer training in a broad range of more specialized issues.
These include, but are not limited to, the following:
• Understanding individual behavior in the workplace
• Managing conflict and building consensus within groups of employees
• Exploring your own leadership style - and understanding others
• Managing employee career development
• Managing change in the workplace and in global business
• Impact of information technology on government management
• Developing strategic thinking, locally and globally
• Necessity of understanding budgeting and financial management

The Leadership Program is specifically designed for international elected and appointed municipal officials who want to understand and enhance their leadership skills as well as gain insight into the American system. The U.S. case is quite typical of many modernized systems in that the responsibilities of government workers in the U.S. often brings them into contact not only with other officials at diverse levels, but with representatives of business and the community. This training program will offer a unique insight into the methodology and creativity that characterize many American government workers. At the same time, the topics mentioned above will help participants to develop the communication, leadership and team skills increasingly demanded of leaders as they take on the challenges created by economic development and internationalization.