For Journalists

The Missouri International Training Institute (MITI) is pleased to work with the top journalism program in the country, the Missouri School of Journalism, to create a program on media management, American media marketing, and media advertising. As with other training programs created for our clients, we are happy to tailor a program or programs for Asian journalists that fit their specific professional needs and time constraints.
  The options range from a two week program that includes lectures, meetings and site visits designed to provide an overview of how the media works in the America – including an introduction to the latest technology and how various media operate as business entities in a capitalistic market system – to a longer term (3 or 6 month program) that allows clients to combine more in-depth media training with intensive English training and sessions dedicated to American history, culture, and key aspects of U.S. politics, economics and business. MITI's training programs combine educational presentations by the faculty at the University of Missouri with site visits and meetings with working journalists and media managers. Understanding that there are many fundamental cultural and governmental differences between the United States and other countries, we attempt to give our clients a basic understanding of how the U.S. system differs from Asian countries in areas such as ownership patterns, government relations, and marketing strategies. Site visits would include a tour of a local newspaper and television station; visits for meetings with working journalists, and discussions with media managers in Kansas City and St. Louis, Missouri's two largest cities, on keys to business success in media.