For Prosecutors

Based on previous successful training it provided for prosecutors, The Missouri International Training Institute (MITI) is prepared to provide a program that uses both theoretical and practical training to help Asian prosecutors understand and learn from the U.S. system of criminal law. While each program is hand-tailored to the individual client group, and each program depends on the length of time allowed for training, it is our goal to offer our clients an interesting and informative "snapshot" of the criminal law process in America.
We often begin with presentations from the law faculty of the University of Missouri Law School on the concepts of justice and law as they are practiced in America. We will also arrange presentations both by State of Missouri officials and by representatives of the Federal Government of the U.S. in Missouri who are involved in legal and prosecutorial work. This will include a meeting with the Missouri State Attorney General, the highest legal officer in the state.

Any training will also include sessions on the central government's role in the investigation of criminal activity and information on some of the most advanced methods of crime investigation, evidence collection, and prosecution, including the use of DNA evidence. As part of this focus, we will arrange visits to the Federal Bureau of Investigation's impressive unit in Missouri as well as the State division of Investigation. We will also tour the facilities of a state court, a prison and a prison dedicated to drug criminals. Finally, our clients often witness parole hearings and other administrative procedures that are fundamental to the American system of justice. MITI's training programs combine educational presentations by the faculty at the University of Missouri with site visits and meetings with working journalists and media managers. Understanding that there are many fundamental cultural and governmental differences between the United States and other countries, we attempt to give our clients a basic understanding of how the U.S. system differs from Asian countries in areas such as ownership patterns, government relations, and marketing strategies. Site visits would include a tour of a local newspaper and television station; visits for meetings with working journalists, and discussions with media managers in Kansas City and St. Louis, Missouri's two largest cities, on keys to business success in media.