The TESOL Program


Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages program at the University of Missouri is custom designed for Asians who aspire to teach others to speak English as a second language. The program aims to improve participants' professional skills teaching English to non-native speakers, as well as their personal ability to apply English in diverse situations.

In addition to classroom learning, students of the TESOL program participate in a number of American cultural activities, including visits to American homes, interactions with American college students, and trips to communities and cities around the state.

The TESOL (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages) Program is an intense program that aims to create many opportunities for learning and development with memorable experiences while studying at the University of Missouri. Therefore successful completion and certification for the TESOL Program will be based on the following guidelines determined for TESOL participants.

Program components:

Academic Workshops and American Culture Seminars

Various TESOL workshops and seminars are presented by experienced English teachers and instructors with years of teaching experience. Some seminars will include additional sessions of practicum for TESOL students to work individually and in groups for practical, hands-on teaching and learning that will enhance classroom instruction and lessons.

Professional Presentation Classes

Professional Presentation classes have been designed to provide an intensive English speaking experience for TESOL participants. The coursework includes a variety of speech and drama activities geared toward enhancing the skills necessary for effective communication. The activities have been developed to help TESOL participants increase their speaking skills, improve vocabulary, diction and pronunciation, and gain confidence in various speaking situations.

Observation and Teaching in American Public Schools

TESOL students will have observation experiences in pre-school, elementary, middle, or high schools in Columbia, Missouri observing experienced ESL teachers working with students from various nationalities and countries. TESOL students will then create their own lesson plans and teach assigned ESL classrooms in various public and pre-schools.

Observation and Teaching Adult Second Language Learners

TESOL students will observe ESL classes taught by experienced Asian Affairs Center instructors who teach beginning, intermediate, and advanced classes of international students and scholars. TESOL students will be assigned to teach the adult second language learners.

Tutoring American or International Students

TESOL participants will tutor African-American students in an after-school tutoring program and international visiting scholars or students who are currently studying at the University of Missouri or in our community.

American Friends

Opportunities will be provided for involvement with Americans to develop friendships, become language partners, and to enjoy outings, socializing, and fun.

American Cultural Experiences

Trips to nearby cities, visits to American homes, participation in local festivals and sporting events help the students better understand American culture.

The TESOL program is designed to assist students to:

  • Design appropriate curricula and materials for teaching diverse age groups and ability levels.
  • Practice teaching English to non-native speakers with tutorial supervision and feedback.
  • Develop an understanding of American culture through coursework and planned experiences.

Our approach emphasizes the following areas:

  • Methods and information related to teaching English to other non-native speakers, including developing lessons, linking theory and practice, and promoting oral language development.
  • Practicing instruction and assessment through tutoring high-need American children, assessing the English language learning needs of non-native speakers, and practicing teaching ESL to beginning or intermediate level Asian government officials or scholars of the Asian Affairs Center.


All participates must have a strong command of the English language. Students must acquire a statement, in writing, from their university instructor attesting that their English ability is at the intermediate or advanced level or beyond. All participants must also be teachers of English or students preparing to teach ESL or EFL in the future.