2015 CTBU Study and Culture Tour

The CTBU Study and Culture Tour has been held since 2008. So far more than 300 faculty members and students from 16 partner universities in 6 countries have taken part in the program, which has enabled them to have a better understanding of China, the municipality of Chongqing, and CTBU. In the context of globalization, the program has helped better communication between young people from different cultures and promoted mutual understanding. During the three-week stay in Chongqing, participants learned the Chinese language, visited local historic sites and local companies, and attended cultural lectures. Friendships have been strengthened and cooperation expanded through the event. The tour is a life changing experience for both Chinese and foreign participants. To provide more opportunities for more students, the Study and Culture Tour will continue in May of 2015.

CTBU Study and Culture Tour Application Form (PDF)