Korean Studies Minor

The Korean Studies minor consists of 15 credit hours in Korean Studies beyond Elementary Korean I & II (Korean 1100 & 1200), 9 of which must be completed on campus or as part of an MU faculty led study abroad program. At least 6 of these credit hours must be earned by taking Korean language courses beyond the elementary level. The remaining 9 credit hours can be earned by taking non-language Korean culture courses. Courses from other departments that relate to Korea can also be used to satisfy these requirements.

Necessary Pre-Requisite to the Minor

  • KOREAN 1100: Elementary Korean 1 (6 CR)*
  • KOREAN 1200: Elementary Korean 2 (6 CR)*

Korean Program Language Courses

  • KOREAN 2160: Intermediate Korean Language I (3 CR)*
  • KOREAN 3160: Intermediate Korean Language II (3 CR)*

Korean Program Culture Courses

  • KOREAN 2310: Korean Civilization I (3 CR)*
  • KOREAN 2320: Korean Civilization II (3 CR)*
  • KOREAN 3800: Korean Economic Development and US-Korean Free Trade Agreement (3 CR)*
  • KOREAN 3850: Religion and Culture in Modern Korea (3 CR)*
  • KOREAN 3890: Korean Society Through Cinema (3 CR)*
  • KOREAN 4220: Korean Unification (3 CR)*
  • KOREAN 4260: The Korean Diaspora in the U.S., Japan and China (3 CR)*

MU Korean Program Study Abroad Courses

  • KOREAN 2330: Study Tour of Korea (3 CR)

* Regular courses offered at least one semester each year