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For Asian students

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Two–six weeks

ALoT | Agricultural Leaders of Tomorrow

Increase English language skills and broaden knowledge of American agricultural practices through classes and practical experiences.

GLC | Global Leadership and Communication

Develop leadership capabilities, improve your attitude toward speaking English and build cross-cultural competence, and confidence in a once-in-a-lifetime immersion into American culture.

EPI | English and Professional Immersion

Experience American workplace culture through internships, professional communications workshops and interactive cultural excursions.

GBP | Global Business Program

Gain professional language skills and leadership training to increase global marketability.

IMPACT | Intercollegiate Mastery Program and Cultural Training

Increase English language skills and broaden knowledge of American culture through classes and practical experiences.

Summer Institute on Communication and Culture

Experience the use of English in authentic settings with a cross-cultural lens for understanding communication and media.

TESOL | Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages

Improve professional skills teaching English to non-native speakers, as well as personal ability to apply English in diverse settings.


GLPEP | Global Leadership Program for Emerging Professionals

Experience American life and culture through the practical application of English communication skills and enhance global competency.

I-LEAP | International Leadership, Excellence and Professionalism

Develop globally competency and effective communication skills while becoming well-versed in American business practices.

LEAD | Leadership through English Advancement and Development

Develop global leadership, improve English language skills in a variety of academic and professional settings, and build cross-cultural competence and confidence.

UCAI | University Courses and American Immersion

Understand and experience academic and cultural backgrounds in higher education settings in the United States.


LEAD + intersession + I-LEAP

A full academic year of international study that combines the LEAD and I-LEAP programs with an intersession research project.