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LEAD + intersession + I-LEAP

Undergraduate students wishing to enroll in a full academic year of international study can participate in this yearlong option. All MITI programs integrate the philosophy of living English to enhance cultural and language skills in a unique way.


Full academic year (mid-August to mid-May)


  • Leadership through English Advancement and Development
  • Intersession research project: A six-week course developed for students staying on campus between programs. It is a largely independent research project that enables participants to explore topics that interest them in American culture, history or current affairs. The goal of the project is to allow students to gain a deeper understanding of American culture while developing academic research skills. The project will result in a two-page written summary and a 12–15 minute presentation on the student’s chosen topic. Students are encouraged to choose topics related to their majors or personal interests. Past topics have included:
    • African American stereotypes in American mass media
    • College sports in America
    • Finding a job  in the U.S.
    • Health management
    • Humor in America
    • National parks and recreation
    • The American South
    • U.S. higher education
  • Intersession seminars: Students participating in the research project are required to attend these seminars, as well as meet with an academic adviser to evaluate progress on a weekly basis. Seminars include:
    • Overview of American culture and introducing research project
    • Research methods and writing a proposal
    • Creating and outline
    • Citing sources and plagiarism
    • Professional PowerPoints and presentation skills
    • Research writing
  • International Leadership, Excellence and Professionalism